Workshop aim and objectives:

The 2nd International Workshop on Lyee Methodology (Lyee_W03) or The 2nd International Workshop on Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques (SoMeT_03) will take place on September 24-26, 2003, in Kista, Stockholm, Sweden. This event will continue and extend a coming series like the 3nd workshops on Lyee methodology(, to be arranged in [Leipzig(Germany) October 2004, Lyee_W04], [Iwate (Japan) or Oregon(USA) October 2005, Lyee_W05], and others to be specified.

This workshop is a means for presenting the results of the Lyee International research project ( ), oriented for new software generation techniques based on Lyee technology and sponsored by a major Japanese Industry on software methodologies and technologies.

We invite you to participate in Lyee_W03 to help build a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences in the field of new directions on software development methodologies, and its tools and techniques.

Lyee methodology (invented by Mr. FumioNegoro ), captures the essence of the innovations, controversies, challenges, and possible solutions of the software industry. This theory born from experience and it is the time through this workshop and its coming series, to stimulate through it the academic research on software science initiated from experience to theory. This workshop is an opportunity for us in the software science community to think about where we are and today and where we are going.

The area of this workshop, will emphasis on but not limited:

  • Requirement engineering and requirement elicitation, and its tools,
  • Software methodologies and Lyee oriented software techniques,
  • Automatic software generation versus reuse, and legacy systems,
  • Software quality and process assessment,
  • Intelligent software systems, and evolution,
  • Software optimization and formal methods,
  • Static and dynamic analysis on Lyee-oriented software performance model
  • End-user programming environment using Lyee,
  • Ontology, and philosophy aspect on software science,
  • Business software models and other kind of software application models, based on Lyee theory.
  • Software Engineering models(*)
  • Others software engineering disciplines,
  • The workshop program will be based on invited talks revised by the program committee members. Those invited technical papers will describe innovative and significant work in the research and practice of software science. The papers will be reviewed to check the quality of the papers, their presentation and their relevance to the workshop. The review will be done by the help of the program committee members. We will ask the respective authors of the accepted papers to make (if any) some modifications to increase the technical value of the papers presentation. This cycle should be finished within the 15 June 2003. So we appeal to the respective authors to collaborate as possible for such transactions to meet the suggested deadlines for proceedings publications. The suggestions of the PC to the invited speakers will be advisory. The final decisions are made by the author. Other speakers are free to withdraw their papers if they do not agree with the requested modifications.

    The paper format for all papers is: here.